31 December, 2017

A metallic 2018!!!

Hey, wishing a very blessed & artsy year!!! Have an happy new year!! Cheers from Oporto city,  Portugal. 

28 December, 2017

Those old times....

Omg...my old abstract China ink standard size Postcards.... Lá no fundo do meu baú.... 10x15 cm. All available

18 December, 2017

I am back!! I missed u too!!!

Back on painting my clothes....  Cool!!! Enjoy the violet and purple mood. On ma sweater painting....Yesssssssss!!! Javana/Kreul inks..... 

17 December, 2017

Metallic mood!!

Another quick metallic abstract sketch. Standard 10x15 cm postal size. Black 160g black paper...  Here I go...

16 December, 2017

Give me a camera!!!

Anyone... A little one, an old one... I will show u my own painting... Anyway... With a hometown like mine, all cameras do magic!!!! Here are some pics with my old Xperia cam taken today around Largo do Infante, on da Oporto city World Heritage area. When I get the chance, I will b shooting again with my beloved SonyNex cam. Oporto city, u endlessly rock ma world!! :-) 

08 December, 2017

05 December, 2017

X'mas is coming....

X'mas preparations... New postcards coming.... Red Santa...or no....the other A4 size(black)  paper it is a ecographie..... Trying new mediuns on these old eco exans.... :-D 

03 December, 2017

28 November, 2017

White or metallic?!?

What and how use the metallic markers?!?  Wellx Canson Noir XL notebook keeps helping around.... Plus, new special edition written A4 size black papers done too...

21 November, 2017

B Metallic!!!

Metallic colors pencils to use preferably on black paper...  Canson notebook, here I go....again....:-D Also using other pens like the Posca ones... Or similar. In my case, I use several kinds.... Stay tuned!